What’s up at TAP:lab? June 2016.

Hi all, Andrew here.

We have been working behind the scenes to make TAP:lab more open and useful. Here is a taste of just some of the recent changes.

  • AIR CON (So we are a great haven from the chilly conditions)
  • There are now soldering stations, with stand alone carbon filter fans to help with electronics.
  • The 3D printer is now securely in place with a cable – so no longer locked in the cage.
  • There is a supply of t-Shirts in different colours and sizes for you to print on.
  • There are some cool cutting edge electronics to use thanks to our ongoing sponsorship from Hackster.io.
  • The AV system is taking shape – already the screen has been invaluable in teaching.
  • The Vinyl cutter is to be re-calibrated. Once this has happened look for T-shirt and sign writing sessions

There is still plenty of exciting changes in the pipeline. Drop on by and see how you can participate in shaping our local makerspace.