What’s up at TAP:lab? June 2016.

Hi all, Andrew here.

We have been working behind the scenes to make TAP:lab more open and useful. Here is a taste of just some of the recent changes.

  • AIR CON (So we are a great haven from the chilly conditions)
  • There are now soldering stations, with stand alone carbon filter fans to help with electronics.
  • The 3D printer is now securely in place with a cable – so no longer locked in the cage.
  • There is a supply of t-Shirts in different colours and sizes for you to print on.
  • There are some cool cutting edge electronics to use thanks to our ongoing sponsorship from Hackster.io.
  • The AV system is taking shape – already the screen has been invaluable in teaching.
  • The Vinyl cutter is to be re-calibrated. Once this has happened look for T-shirt and sign writing sessions

There is still plenty of exciting changes in the pipeline. Drop on by and see how you can participate in shaping our local makerspace.

An easy way to help out TAP:lab Makers

Take this into a West Liquor outlet with proof of address to claim your toolkit.
Take this into a West Liquor outlet with proof of address to claim your toolkit.

TAP:lab is our community makerspace: a joint initiative between the council and the community to foster creativity and develop skills for everyone in Te Atatu. There’s a simple way you can help out our little community of makers, and it won’t cost you a thing. The Trusts are generously offering every household in the area a small toolkit to help with household repairs. It’s a great little kit and would be perfect for the kind of workshops we run at TAP:lab. If you don’t want your toolkit, we’d love to take it off your hands.

Here’s how it works: take your voucher into any West Liquor outlet with proof of address (recent phone or power bill) and you can claim your free toolkit. If you email president@taplab.nz with your address, we’ll come and collect it from your letterbox, or arrange another way to collect it that’s convenient to you.

You’ll be helping out the community by giving people the tools to be able to make and repair things.