Minecraft LAN Party


Minecraft has landed at the TAP lab. We’ve got five minecraft accounts loaded onto our latops along with a NAS running Minecraft server. Jeremy and I spent a couple of hours on Friday installing Minecraft, connecting an ethernet switch and setting up a server.

On Saturday, six 6 – 9 year olds got together for a somewhat impromptu Minecraft LAN party. In the spirit of seeing how much lava, TNT and mobs they could inflict upon each other, spent 90 loud minutes destroying the virtual landscape and each other.


The afternoon was a chaotic success by any measure.

Lesson learned today: Kids will not stop playing Minecraft until the mice are prised from their over-active hands, so make sure an adult is in control of the the host to kick all the kids off when their time is up.

And wear ear muffs. It gets loud (Sorry, Andrew, who was also in the lab trying to build an AV centre).