A Typical Hack & Snack Night

Hack &Snack Night

TAP lab’s Hack & Snack evenings every Wednesday continue to be very popular. This event is for people at all levels of experience:

  • Just getting started in to electronics and would like some guided learning
  • Have a specific project to work on in a supportive environment with some experts around for troubleshooting
  • Experts who want to work on projects and share their knowledge

Here’s summary of the activities at a recent evening:

  • Building an “illuminated cloud” using a huge string of addressable RGB LEDs (father and son)
  • Learning the best way to prepare and print 3D models on our printer
  • Reading and datalogging from three temperature sensors using the 1-wire protocol
  • Installing the latest Arduino IDE on a linux laptop to program the ESP8266 WiFi chip
  • Learning the basics of blinking LEDs and sensor readings using Arduino
  • Designing 3d objects (father and daughter)
  • Programming a chaser light using an LED strip
  • Programming for an Arduino-based beat box

The lab is also open on Tuesdays for people to work on their projects, help get TAP lab set up a bit more and meet like-minded people. The main differences from Wednesday’s Hack & Snack are: no food and no-one is specifically there as a tutor. You’re welcome to bring your own food and people do help other, of course.