Kākahu Connie

Working on kakahu while running her store, Huria Designs, at Pride Fest Out West.

Connie was a lifelong resident of Te Atatū Peninsula and teaches kākahu (weaving koworai and harakeke flax) at the local community hub. 

Already an accomplished artist she is expanding her horizons into the digital space. Working alongside TAP Lab members she is learning how to digitise her ideas so they can be used with equipment in the workshop.  

Top: Delicate kina shells hand crafted into earrings.
Bottom: The triangles in this arrangement represent maunga (mountains).

Her moko (grandchildren) were so supportive of her new skills they have been helping Connie with her projects. She assigns them different tasks such as putting pieces together, making sales and assist with the accounting. They have been learning about reinvesting their sales back into making more accessories to sell. And of course, getting to spend some of the profits!

Another beautiful piece made in translucent green acrylic and silver ear hooks.

If you’d like to get in contact with Connie to learn more or purchase her products you can email: constanceg33@hotmail.com

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