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Mondays: 7pm-9pm

Welcome to our weekly Monday Cosplay sessions! 

Would you like to make costumes and props? Interested in using a 3D printer or vinyl cutter? Want to share skills and materials with other cosplay enthusiasts? Drop on by with (or without) your current project.

  • All welcome (under 18 with a guardian).
  • Koha is appreciated.


Open Maker Session

Open Maker Session

Tuesdays: 2pm-9pm

Come in and check out Te Atatu Peninsula’s makerspace! We have amazing equipment and a space where you can talk with other people who love making things too.

You can do:
Laser cutting and engraving
Vinyl cutting:
– Create your own T-shirt designs
– Make your own wall decals
3D printing:
– Create your own designs
– Print designs from the internet
– Fix things by replacing broken parts
2D and 3D design, art, crafts
And much more…

  • All welcome (under 18 with a guardian).
  • Koha is appreciated.


Hack n Snack

Hack ‘n’ Snack

Wednesdays: 7pm-9pm

Learn Arduino & electronics or work on your pet project – you decide.

Hack ‘n’ Snack is an open night in a supportive environment with peers and experts on hand to help out.

Would you like to create a party jacket that lights up when someone approaches? How about a planter box that sends you an email when it needs watering? Are intelligent robots or internet connected light bulbs more your thing? All this is could be possible as the amazing world of electronics is now within your grasp.

Hack ‘n’ Snack caters for people at all levels:

  • Absolute beginners. Welcome! learn the basics of circuits, make things blink under computer control.
  • Using Arduino to read sensors for beginners. There will be a number of sensors to try. Making electronics aware of the world around them is the key to creating interactive gadgets. We will introduce you to creating gadgets using the Arduino and breadboard prototyping techniques (no previous electronics knowledge or soldering required).
  • Hack session for intermediate level and beyond. Bring along your current or stalled project to tinker with the help and advice of others.
  • All welcome (under 18 with a guardian).
  • Koha is appreciated.



Hacklings: Youth Tech (STEaM) Club!

Thursdays: 4pm-6pm

Hacklings is aimed to be a Rangatahi-lead STEaM session where kids can collaborate on projects they’re passionate about. Discover, solve, and create together using tools & resources in TAP lab.

These can include – but not limited to:

  • Textiles: sewing machines, overlocker, embroidery
  • Electronics: Robots, Arduino, Raspberry Pi,
  • 3D: modeling & printing
  • Cutting: laser & vinyl
  • Coding, game-design and more!

Space & resources are limited, and we’re still adapting the model, so we’re inviting input from Kaitiaki (parents/guardians).

  • Suitable for ages 10+
  • Feel free to drop by to check it out but you will need to register to join. 
Eco Sew with Boomerang Bags

Eco Sew with Boomerang Bags

3rd Thursday of the month: 7pm-9pm

Come in and join us for some eco friendly sewing projects!
We have 4 sewing machines and 2 overlockers or you can bring in your own.

  • You can make Boomerang Bags for your community.
  • Use donated fabric to make a range of things, cutlery pouches, pencil cases, gift bags…
  • Or bring in any sewing project of your own (doesn’t need to be an eco one) and enjoy some social sewing time.
  • New eco sewing project ideas welcome!

Check out our website for some photos and ideas to make. We meet once a month on the 3rd Thursday of the month at TAP lab (upstairs at the Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre).

Check out our local Boomerang Bag facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1642260279409844/

  • All welcome (under 18 with a guardian).
  • Koha is appreciated.
Monthly members meeting

TAP lab Members’ Meeting

1st Thursday of the month: 7pm-9pm

At this meeting the committee gets together to discuss any business that needs to be dealt with. These meetings are also open to non-members as well.

Members are encouraged to participate, however it is not required. Come along and help shape your community makerspace!

  • All welcome: members and non-members (under 18 with a guardian).


Minecraft Mayhem<br />
Monday and Friday

Minecraft Mayhem

Fridays: 4pm-6pm
Drop in session

Minecraft Mayhem provides a safe environment for tamariki to come and play Minecraft after school, in single player games or on a safe, secure server, with other like-minded kids.

Minecraft can teach the basics of engineering and architecture in a fun way for kids to learn.

  • This is a programme for kids, ages vary but kids will need to be able to use a laptop.
Model Makers Shelter

Model Makers Shelter

Fortnightly on a Friday: 7pm-9pm

A safe and fun space for all model makers to enjoy building and sharing ideas in the company of others.

All levels are welcomed, whether you are a beginner wanting to check out a new amazing hobby or a veteran looking to build together.

  • All welcome (under 18 with a guardian).
  • Koha is appreciated.

Please note: Last minute cancellations will be posted on Facebook.