Member info

This is mainly information that is useful for current members.
If you want to become a member go to Membership.



A lot of us come in at different times so don’t always get to see each other. We communicate and collaborate on Slack. Many non-members are also part of our slack group. If you want to join up please email to request an invite or talk to one of our members or staff onsite.

When you join slack you are given a basic set of channels to follow. You can select more that you want to participate in. Just click the ‘+’ next to ‘Channels’ to add more.

Armani is the slack master, if you want to create a new channel or are having trouble you can ask him. Either send him a message on slack or email with the subject “ATTN: Armani”.

Equipment training and licences

All members have an account on our Safety and Learning site that has a record of the equipment licences they have earned. We are working towards regular scheduled inductions for the equipment but for now it’s still quite informal. The trainers for each item of equipment can be found on the same site. For example the 3D printer page has the 3D printer trainers along with the session most likely to have someone who can help you with it. You can also post in slack and ask if any members can help you or type /gettrained into any channel in slack to let our technician know you want to learn.

Calendar and bookings

You can use our calendar to check if TAP lab is being used before you come in. This calendar shows events and workshops that are on our Facebook as well as other bookings that aren’t advertised.

If a workshop is running and you would like to work in the space on something else please ask whoever is running that workshop. If what you are doing isn’t disruptive in any way it will often be fine. But for some workshops or classes you will need to be participating in them in order to stay.

Members can book the laser cutter. For other items of equipment you can message on slack to say you would like it at a certain time but there are no guarantees it will be available when you come in.

Membership questions

Please email for anything relating to membership. If your question is private and you wish to only speak with the membership secretary about it, please contact Kevin Palmer by either sending him a direct message on slack or email


Monthly member meetings

We have a meeting on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm. At this meeting the committee gets together to discuss any business that needs to be dealt with. Members are encouraged to participate, however it is not required. These meetings are also open to non-members as well.


As an incorporated society we are legally required to have an Annual General Meeting. It is a very important meeting where the committee members are elected, financial and other reports are presented. You will be notified of this meeting by email and through slack. We need enough members to attend this meeting for it to be able to go ahead. For this reason we expect all members to attend unless you have a good reason why you can’t. It’s only once a year and it’s a great chance to see those members you don’t normally see.


TAP lab Policies

We have a number of policies and proceedures that drives our kaupapa, to “play nice” with each other – lots of which can be boiled down to The Golden Rule: “Be excellent to each other”

Please note: This is not a complete list of our policy documents, the rest are available at TAP lab.