We have a group of dedicated members who share their skills and support each other.

Working in TAPlab

Become a TAP lab member

If you find you’re wanting to spend more time at TAP lab than you can by attending our open times and other programmes you should consider becoming a member.

Members get an access card to use the tools and equipment they’ve been trained on outside of our standard open times. Members are encouraged to share what they’ve learnt or know with others in the community.

Standard membership fees are $180 per year (or $15 per month). 

Family discount: We offer half price membership for a family member or partner from the same household as another TAP lab member. Membership is free for any subsequent members from that same family household. We know families and living arrangements can get complicated, if you think you should qualify for the discount please just ask the Secretary.


How do I join?

  • You need to be endorsed by an existing TAP lab member. But don’t worry, if you don’t already know any TAP lab members just start coming along to any of our sessions that are open to the public and you will soon get to know someone.
  • Read our Membership Policy and Code of Conduct
  • Fill in our Membership Application Form, we’ll get back to you with how to pay your fees.