3D printed anti fog nose clips for the community

We had an enquiry on our Facebook page about 3D printed nose clips to stop glasses from fogging up when you wear a face mask. After a quick google we found an article about someone with a 3D printer in in Palmerston North who had been making them for his community AND we found a file on thingiverse to print from! We tried one out and thought it was pretty useful so left a jar of them out in the Te Atatu Community Centre for people to take. Before we took a break for Xmas and New Year we had printed over 150 and we are still going!

One of the very cool things about 3D printing is that someone can design something, share it on a website like thingiverse, then anyone in any part of the world who has a 3D printer can make it. This particular design is also very clever in that you can adjust them to fit your face. The plastic we use is PLA and it softens when you heat it. So all you need to do is point a hairdryer at your nose clip or put it under hot water to make it soft enough to shape to the perfect fit.

A big thanks to Sherylee for requesting these! It was great to see someone come in wearing one and grabbing a handful to take home for her whānau.